John W Ball & Sons

When, in 1983, John and Russell retired from partnership in Henderson & Ball, considerable thought was directed to the name of the new firm.  To this purpose, Russell and Richard were both keen to draw upon the strong reputation and experience of their father John, a former President of the Law Institute of Victoria and a Senior Counsellor and Honorary Life Member of the Law Institute of Victoria.  Accordingly, it was agreed that the new firm would be called John W Ball & Sons.

Whilst the firm of John W Ball & Sons was established in 1983, it has direct lineage, history, experience and foundations dating from 1919.  John had been articled to his father Wallace.  Russell and Richard were both articled to their father John.  Accordingly, by teaching and example, generations of experience and ethical practice have been passed on.

In establishing the new firm, most of the clients (and in many cases generations of clients) of John, Russell and Richard (and indeed of Wallace) transferred their general legal work to the new firm.  In addition to this general legal work, the firm has maintained a strong practice in medical defence advice, representation and litigation.

It has been our long-held mantra that a small firm of lawyers with specialised skills is able to offer to its clients personal, efficient, expert and cost-effective service.  Indeed, long before the term was accepted as ascribing such a meaning, “Business Review Weekly” described John W Ball & Sons as a boutique practice.  Since then specialist boutique firms of lawyers have grown in number.

John W Ball & Sons is a firm of long experience and of high quality practice, standards, ethics and reputation that takes pride in representing its clients with principle and integrity to achieve a just and equitable result.

We have a proud history of longstanding professional and support staff who are able to utilise their knowledge and experience to provide a personal service for the benefit of clients.